Frequently Asked Questions


How many people can Shine accommodate?

Our three tiers of rental packages are as follow:

Full Auditorium Rental (Seating capacity of 1,343), excluding 248 seats with blocked view and 45 seats with restricted view. Inclusive of Balcony and Stall Seats

Full Stall Rental (Seating capacity of 1,104 or less), excluding 45 seats with restricted view

Lower Stall Rental (Seating capacity of 700 or less).

Our foyer (Inner and Outer) at level 3 can accommodate a standing capacity of up to 180 pax, while our Level 6 Foyer can accommodate a standing capacity of up to 100 pax.

Car Park

Parking at Shaw Towers

Car Park at Shaw Towers has a height limit of 1.9m.
For updated Car Park Rates, please visit
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide complimentary car park tickets as the car park is managed by Shaw Towers.

Alternative Parking Space

Do consider the following:

  • Liang Seah Street, open air car park
  • The Gate Way (150 Beach Road, 189720)
  • South Beach Tower (38 Beach Road, 189767)
  • Bugis Junction (200 Victoria Street, 188021)
  • Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre (1 Raffles Boulevard, Suntec City, 039593)

For more information please click here


What kind of events can be conducted at Shine?

Shine Auditorium is perfect for corporate events such as Seminars / Conferences, Meetings, Award Ceremonies / Convocations and Product Launches. Our facilities (Audio and Lighting Systems are ideal for small scale performances, Stand-up Comedy and Fan-Meetings.

Events with Religious content

Please note that confirmation of the events with religious content is subjected to Urban Redevelopment Authority’s (URA) regulations set out for commercial buildings. The use of the commercial space for religious activities may not exceed two days in a week.

For further details, do refer here

Disability access

Is there disabled access at the venue?

There is designated wheelchair accessible seating available at Stall Seating. Wheelchairs users are required to inform the organisers prior to event, so that necessary arrangements can be made.


Kindly note that smoking is prohibited within building premises. The nearest designated smoking area would be beside the taxi stand, outside of Shaw Towers

Venue Hire Enquiries

Booking Process

If I am interested what should I do?

Contact us at (65) 6292 0930. Alternatively, you can send us an email at

What does my booking include?

All Rental packages comes with a minimum of 4 hours event booking which include the following; Basic Sound System & Speakers, 1 Audio Engineer, 2 Microphones and Basic Stage Lights.

On the event day itself, there is a complimentary 1 hour for setup prior to event and half an hour for teardown after event.

The Foyer Area at Level 3 as well as the Reception Room (no direct access to stage) is inclusive in the rental package.

Can we access the venue before our booking time?

We would recommend for hirers to adhere to the agreed booking time. Additional time required is subject to additional hourly rates as stated in the Rental Packages.

Can the venue be hired on an hourly basis?

All rental hire at Shine, requires a minimum of 4 hours of event booking. Any additional event hour would be charged according to the rates stated in the Rental Packages


Does Shine provide any ticketing or ushering services?

Shine does not provide ticketing, ushering or security services.

Shine has no official ticketing agents and hirers are free to select any ticketing agent of their preferred choice.

Catering, F&B

Is it permissible to have a food reception within Shine’s premises?

Yes, it is permissible in designated areas. Food and Drinks are strictly not allowed inside the auditorium.

For events with F&B, a General Cleaning Fee of ($200 -$500) will be applicable.

Does Shine provide Food & Beverage?

As a venue provider, Shine does not provide any on site F&B services. All communications should be liaised directly between the event organiser and caterer.

Hirers are free to select caterers of their preferred choice.

What happens if the caterers require a longer time to set up and/or tear down than what is stated in the agreement?

It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that sufficient set-up / tear-down time is booked for their caterers.

Is alcohol allowed in the premises?

Consumption of alcohol is permitted at Shine. Any sale of alcohol will be subjected to the necessary liquor license from local authorities.


How to get to the unloading/loading bay?

The recommended loading/unloading bay is at Level 4 of Shaw Towers Car Park. Take the cargo lift near the loading / unloading bay, to level 3, where the outer foyer is located. Do note that the height limit of Car Park at Shaw Towers is 1.9m

How big is the Cargo Lift?

The lift door is 1.9m(Height) by 1.1m(Width), while the door of the loading bay is 2m(Height) by 1m(Width).


What methods of payment are accepted?

The available mode of payment at Shine is via Cheque or Telegraphic Transfer.

Venue Decorations

Is it permissible to put up posters/banners on the Inner/Outer Foyer walls within the premises of Shine Auditorium?

Yes, it is permissible with a prior written consent from Shine.

Any adhesives materials used should not leave markings when removed.

Public Liability Insurance

We would recommend hirers to engage their own Public/Event Liability Insurance for their event; in case of any accidents causing injuries, property damage or consequential financial loss.